Catherine M. Best, FCA, ICD.D*(1)(2)

M. Elizabeth Cannon, Ph.D, O.C.*(3)(5)

N. Murray Edwards, O.C.

Christopher L. Fong*(3)(5)

Ambassador Gordon D. Giffin*(1)(4)(6)

Wilfred A. Gobert*(1)(2)(4) 

Christine M. Healy*(1)(4) 

Steve W. Laut*(3)(5) 

Honourable Frank J. McKenna, P.C., O.C., O.N.B., K.C.*(2)(4)

Scott G. Stauth(3)

David A. Tuer*(1)(5)

Annette M. Verschuren, O.C.*(2)(3)

(1) Audit Committee member
(2) Compensation Committee member
(3) Health, Safety, Asset Integrity and Environmental Committee member
(4) Nominating, Governance and Risk Committee member
(5) Reserves Committee member

(6) Lead Independent Director

*Determined to be independent by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and the Board of Directors and pursuant to the independent standards established under National Instrument 58-101 and the New York Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Listing Standards.