N. Murray Edwards

Executive Chairman

Scott G. Stauth


Mark A. Stainthorpe

Chief Financial Officer

Jay E. Froc

Chief Operating Officer, Oil Sands

Robin S. Zabek

Chief Operating Officer, Exploration and Production

Troy J.P. Andersen

Senior Vice-President, Canadian Conventional Field Operations

Calvin J. Bast

Senior Vice-President, Production

Victor C. Darel

Senior Vice-President, Finance and Principal Accounting Officer

Dwayne F. Giggs

Senior Vice-President, Exploration

Dean W. Halewich

Senior Vice-President, Safety, Risk Management and Innovation

Ron K. Laing

Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development and Land

Devin C. Lowe

Senior Vice-President, Exploitation

Warren P. Raczynski

Senior Vice-President, Thermal

Trevor T. Wagil

Senior Vice-President, Oil Sands Mining and Upgrading

Brenda G. Balog

Vice-President, Legal and General Counsel

Erin L. Lunn

Vice-President, Land

Mark A. Overwater

Vice-President, Marketing

Kyle G. Pisio

Vice-President, Drilling, Completions and Asset Retirement

Roy D. Roth

Vice-President, Facilities and Pipelines

Kara L. Slemko

Vice-President, Corporate Development and Commercial Operations

Stephanie A. Graham

Corporate Secretary and Associate General Counsel, Canada

International Office
CNR International (U.K.) Limited

Barry Duncan

Managing Director and Vice-President, Finance, International